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Frequently Asked Questions: For Buy

Question: Are there special government requirements from any countries whose DIDs are sold on DIDXchange?

Answer: The DIDX service agreement you sign in summary states that you the DIDX member are responsible for adhering to the law. As of October 2007, and until further notice, we are providing latest special DIDX seller and country requirements at

Question: What if I can’t pre-pay with credit card?

Answer: Payments from the DIDXCHANGE BUYER Member will be prepaid via credit card. Where credit card is not available, the payments will be prepaid via cashier’s check or bank wire transfer or Western Union transfer in increments of $500 or more. See

Question: Can I see a video showing me how to search and buy DID on DIDX?

Answer: Click to see Search and Buy DID

Question: What is the IP Address you send us the calls from?

Answer: We Send you the calls from

*IP Address *DNS

Question: What is the minimum number of DID I should buy to avoid a monthly fee?

Answer: Through December 31, 2007, if you have fewer than 20 purchased DID’s in your account, there is a minimum service fee of $20 a month. Beginning January 1, 2007, if you have fewer than 50 purchased DID’s in your account, there is a minimum service fee of $50 a month.The 2 Free DID are not included in this minimum.

If you have the required minimum quantity of purchased DID in your account as stated above, you will NOT be paying any “Minimum Monthly Service Fee.”

Answer: There is no minimum on DIDX. If you have fewer than 20 DID’s in your account, there is a minimum service fee of $20 a month.

Question: Is PayPal an accepted method of payment?

Answer: Yes we do accept Paypal payments.

Question: What is the minimum quantity monthly purchase required of a DIDX buyer?

Answer: There is no minimum on DIDX. If you have fewer than 50 DIDs in your account, there is a minimum service fee of $50 a month.

Question: Do I have to pay commission in addition to the price per DID on DIDX?

Answer: NO, the price you see is what you pay. It includes our commission fees. Larger quantity purchases results in lower prices automatically.

Question: I am a member of Virtualphoneline .com and want to buy a DID I see on DIDX, but it is not on Virtual Phone Line?

Answer: Login to Virtual Phone Line, click on ‘Home’ and drag to ‘Contact us.’ State the DID that you want from DIDX. We will add it on VPL.

Question: When I call the number that you have given me, I get a recording, “The number is no longer in service.” Same time, it shows in my account.

Answer: DIDX does not answer the calls. It takes the call and sends it to the provided SIP or IAX2 URL. If it is not provisioned correctly by you, this is the message that the caller will hear.

Question: I think that the number does not work at all.

Answer: Please do this test. Map the DID to or map it to your Free World Dialup account. Free World Dialup has instructions in their forum. Call it and you should receive the call. If you do not, then login to your DIDX account and click on ‘Contact us’ button, and enter the number and the problem, explaining that you have even completed the test mentioned in this answer.

Question: The monthly payment cycle is based on calendar month or from the date a DID is purchased?

Answer: From the date it is purchased.

Question: Why do I see 2 DID’s in purchased section? I did not buy anything yet.

Answer: These 2 DID’s are free for you to try for one month, see how DIDX works, and complete the Interop phase. There is no charge for them during the one month free trial. Please visit to pass the interoperability test.

Question: Can I check the DID before I buy it?

Answer: First, check each DID for 36 hours. Not satisfied within 36 hours? Delete it before 36 hours. By doing so, get an automatic refund.  36 hrs after the sale, the sale is final.

Question: Can I resell the DID’s I buy from DIDX?

Answer: Yes, you can. DIDX is for Internet Telephone Service providers only who wholesale.

Question: Can we setup our own prices?

Answer: DIDX charges you the amount you see when you sign up. You charge your customer what you want.

Question: How many mins/month are included in the pricing of a DID on DIDX?

Answer: The number of free mins/month is 0-100000 free per DID on DIDX, depending on the DIDX Seller’s specifications. After that, the price will be from $.001 USD to $.04 USD per minute.

Question: What is the DID rating?

Answer: Each DID is tested two times per week, with different kinds of tests, i.e., DTMF, Alive or Dead, Caller ID, etc. Based on these tests, we give a rating to the DID where 10 is the Best and 1 is the Lowest. Buyers who wish to purchase DIDs of premium quality should choose a Vendor with a higher rating.

Question: What is the Vendor Rating?

Answer: We rate the vendor based on the vendor relationship quality and membership duration. The better the vendor, the higher the rating. Best vendor is 10. Least is 1. Buyers who wish to purchase from Vendors with DIDs that show evidence of higher quality should choose a Vendor with a higher rating.

Question: How can I be assured of superb quality when I click BUY DID in my search for DID to buy?

Answer: To be most assured possible, choose DID from DIDX sellers rated 6 and above. See elsewhere the criteria of DIDX Seller (Vendor) rating.

Question: What does congestion means?

Answer: A state or condition that occurs when more subscribers attempt simultaneously to access a switch than it is able to handle, even if unsaturated.

Question: How do I configure my Asterisk to accept calls from DIDX?

Answer: DIDX sends the call to any SIP or IAX2 address for you. Look at for basic Asterisk instructions. If you still have technical difficulties, hire an Asterisk support company like digium .com or asterisksupport .com

Question: What is the purpose of ‘Request DID’s’ feature?

Answer: Suppose you can not find DID’s in the area you want on Click on ‘Request DID’, and select the country and area. Submit your request. All DIDX members will get an email requesting this DID area code availability. If someone adds this area code, you get an email and the number will be assigned to you automatically. We take $25 deposit from you against this order, and we ask you the maximum money you are willing to pay for this area code. If we find that deal for you, we charge you.

Question: Can I use the DID’s from DIDX for my Calling Card Service?

Answer: Yes. However, DIDX buys these numbers from different vendors. When a buyer purchases a flat rate DID and uses them for calling card, the supplier will probably close the line. We recommend to buy a per min number for calling card purposes. When researching DID’s on DIDX, there is a cell that says whether or not the vendor allows calling card use.

Question: Do your DID’s display Caller ID?

Answer: Most US and Canada DID’s do offer CALLER ID. We can’t promise for all. You can check it when you buy, and delete within 36 hrs for an instant refund.

Question: I get one way audio. I believe my Asterisk is fine. How do I check if the DID is bad?

Answer: Check it by receiving the call of that DID on our echo test.

1. Kindly login in to your DIDx account.

2. Goto My Purchased DID section. Select the particular numbers and click on Ringto.

3. 3. set the SIP URI to

4. Call and check the voice both ways.

Question: What is the cost for “LNP” in

Answer: Please check for complete details.

Question: Is there any condition before porting a number on DIDx?

Answer: No, there is no condition associated with porting you can port in as many numbers as you like on DIDx.

Question: Do I own the number I buy via DIDX?

Answer: Yes, and in order to use it, you need a carrier. The per month fee you pay is to keep the current carrier to service the number for you. If you wish to change the carrier, port the number away from the current carrier to a new carrier.

Question: How long will it take to port a DID to a new carrier?

Answer: Normally 10 days, but can be 60-90 days depending upon the cooperation with the current carrier of the DID.

Question: How long will it take to provision numbers within the DIDX database in the BUY DID section of my account?

Answer: Usually immediately.

Question: How long will it take to provision numbers purchased by me from the

Answer: Normally 1-6 weeks. Please note this.

Question: How do I delete numbers I buy on DIDX and stop DIDX membership?

Answer: Login to your account, click on MY NUMBERS. Remove the numbers. Click on my bills, clear the dues. Click on CONTACT US and tell DIDX you need to discontinue your DIDX membership.

Question: In what increment does DIDX round minutes?

Answer: 1 minute increments.