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Method for Getting list of all purchased DIDs

By using this method the user can get list of all purchased DIDs. The user has to provide user id, password and page (like 0,1,3 each request return 100 records).

In case of successful purchase, list of dids returned. Otherwise, an error code would be returned which is described later.

Method Signature

function GetAllPurchasedDIDS? ($UserID,$Password,$Page)


This code requests to get the list of purchased DIDs by 954488.

Successfull query will return the list of first 100 purchased numbers.

Error Codes

In case of any incorrect information provided by the user or in case of no matching data, an error code will be returned. Error codes correspond to the following messages:

-1 = User ID does not exist
-2 = Your Password is Incorrect
-3 = No records found