Knowladge Base


This method retrieve general DID Information

Method Signature

1. getDIDInfo ($UserID, $Password, $DIDNumber)

Example :

On successfull command, the function will return

DID Number
Free Minutes
Per Minute Charges After Free Minutes
No. of Channels
Test Status
Vendor ID
Setup Charges
Monthly Charges
Status (0. Available, 1. Reserved, 2. Sold)
Document Approval Status. (1. Approved)
Document Required by This DID (1. Yes, 0. No)
Message for Document (If this DID required Document)
Document Type (1. Image, 2. Text 3. Image+Text)
Calling Card restriction (1. Yes. 0. No)
Selling for Calling Card (1. Yes. 0. No)
Codec Supported (1. Yes. 0. No)
Selling Directly From Network (1. Yes. 0. No)
Allow to be sold for Trigger CallBack (1. Yes. 0. No)
Caller ID support(1. Yes. 0. No)
Caller ID Name support(1. Yes. 0. No)
State Name
Free SMS
Per SMS Charges After Free SMS
DTMF support(1. Yes. 0. No)
Expiry Date
Used Free Minutes

Error Codes

It will return an ‘Error Code’ in case there is something wrong with the information provided or there is no matching data in our record.

-2 = Invalid UserID / Password
-3 = There are no DID in our Database.