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LNP or Local Number Portability is a service that allows you to change carrier’s while keeping the same phone number.

Traditionally you could do it for home phones only but now in the US you can do it from mobile to home or home to mobile and now with DIDX you can do it from Home to IP and Mobile to IP or IP to IP

You can move your did’s inside DIDX from one carrier to another carrier also, to ensure better reliability of the phone numbers, if you are facing problem with an old number inside DIDX from one carrier you can port it to another.

Suppose one of your customers have a number with Vonage, or Verizon, or AT&T and you want to port it over to your network, DIDX can assist you in doing that.

You can do this via our didx portal or via the Local Number Portability API.

You can and Go to Tools, and check if the number is Portable to any of our service partners, that include Verizon and Global Crossing in the USA.


Question: If I buy a DID on DIDX and the did providers goes under, Can I port that number to another provider on DIDX ?

Answer: Yes DIDX offer’s LNP via it’s partners, if for any reason you wish to port a working or non working number on DIDX to another carrier, You can, as long as that carrier offers LNP via DIDX.

Question: Does DIDX Offer’s LNP ?
Answer: Yes DIDX offer’s LNP via it’s partners

  • United States
  • Canada
  • France
  • United Kingdom

Question: How much time does the LNP Takes?
Answer: It takes 30 to 45 days for 1 number to port, We recommend you do not cancel the service from your current carrier till the number is ported.

Question: How do I check if my number can be ported to DIDX?
Answer: Please look at the detailed step by step instruction this

Porting number to your network via DIDX?

Question: What are the countries where DIDX currently offer Number Portability?
Answer: Number Portability is available at this time Via DIDX in United States, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.

What is the Charge for Number Portability?

Charges: (1 – 50 – 100 – 100+)
Canada 35$
France 150$ 120$ 120$ 115$
United Kingdom 80$ – 70$ 60$ 50$
United States 25$ – 20$ – 15$ 10$

Question: How much processing time does Number Portability Takes?

Answer: Time Depends on the country, but approximate time is
Canada 4 weeks
France 8 weeks
United Kingdom 4 weeks
United States 5 weeks

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