Knowladge Base is a hybrid-modeled marketplace that enables DID sellers & buyers to buy and sell numbers in a manner, like never before.

DIDX platform offers DID number sellers access to over 12500 telecom companies who are interested in buying DID numbers.






Simple DID Search

Text directions sample to search and buy DID in new DIDX portal.

1. Click Buy DIDs
2. Click Select Country Drop Down box and choose a country ie USA
3. Click an area code ie 101
4. Click an NXX ie 215
5. Let’s say you changed your mind. See the row above that says: (1) USA (201) N New Jersey: Jersey City; Hackensack DID Numbers of VendorID 703376 from BAYONNE, N New Jersey: Jersey City; Hackensack
Click on the part you want to go back to ie (201)
6. Choose another NXX like 256.
7. Decided 1-201-2563555 looks good.
8. Clicked on “Purchase” and then all is well. If I had clicked on the number instead of “Purchase”, I would get all the details of the number but not the purchase page.



Buy DID by channels or minutes

Video showing how to search and then buy DID, choice of buying with a certain number of minutes and channels OR unlimited minutes and as many channels as you like.



Advance DID Search

This is the section from where you can buy numbers using Advance search options



Search by Number or Alpha Criteria

In this section you can search a number by Number or Alpha Criteria

This means; if you need any particular number such as number ending with 0000 or

You need number starting with your company’s name or ending on your company’s name abctel

then you can search such kind of numbers via this tool


Search by Number Series

This is from where you can buy Numbers in Series

Order in Bulk

This option will allow you to order numbers in bulk from any country, particular vendor offered on DIDx

For Example, You want to order 50 numbers in a series or randomly.

In Series means 1.212.1211234 to 1.212.1211284

In Random means 1.212.1211234 to 1.212.1211244, 1.212.1211244 to 1.212.1211249, 1.212.1211269 to 1.212.1211272 etc.

You can go to Order in Bulk section by Logging into your account.



DIDX is in contact with top telecom companies and DID providers around the globe to ensure that DIDx buyers get more DID numbers faster and with ease.

These telecom companies and providers of DID numbers are termed as Vendors on DIDx


My Purchased DIDs

This is the section where All your Purchased numbers are listed

The Details such as:

Setup Charges

Monthly Charges
Purchase Date
Current Ring To Address
Alternate Ring To Address
Action (such as remove it)
Call Logs for that particular number
DID Test


Search by country Area Code and Quantity

In this section you can search a number by country and Area Code, and Quantity.


Bulk Ring To Settings

With this option you can change all your current DID Ring to different Address at once.


Download CSV Now

This option comes under My Purchased DIDs Section via which you can download all of your purchased numbers


Once you will click the Request Download button a message will appear on it

“Your request to download CSV is in progress. You will be informed by an email once it is ready”


Who owns the DID

Answer:, , and
In the scenario of DIDX, i.e., a DIDX seller may sell 1 850 432 7411 on DIDX. A DIDX buyer buys it. The DIDX buyer’s end-user buys it from the buyer.

The DIDX seller still currently has the DID in its owned numbers. The DIDX buyer is simply reselling and providing service on it.
The End-User? “owns” the DID and can port the DID to any other telephone company who has interconnects in that LATA.

The facts are listed at Local Number Portability in the USA

DIDX offers LNP in UK, Canada, USA, and France. See DIDX LNP webpage.


DID Info

How to reach this page from the portal:

Home >> My Purchased DIDs>> DID Info

This page is going to show you different feature’s offered on that particular number or not.

Features such as:

Calling Card = Allowed or Disallowed
Sms Enabled = Yes / No



View my Ledger

This button will take you to My Bills page which is your detail Account Statement; where all the details regarding your billing will be explained in details


View my invoices for this number


This button will take you to My Bills page again but this time it will only show you the invoices for your particular DID number


Change Ring To

How can you reach on this page?

Login in to your account => Click on My Purchased DID

On this page you can change your Ring To address for your DID number

You can click on the Ring To destination and change the ring to easily to any


Do watch video:


Alternate Ring to Locations


Alternate Ring To

Alternate ring to feature will forward your calls to any SIP or IAX in advance, if your primary SIP address gets any of the following status:


Remove DID

Please log on to your account, go to my purchase DID. Select the DID you want to delete and then press remove DID link under Action head. This will then ask you for the confirmation and the reason to delete the DID. Press yes if you want to delete the DID. It will then be remove from your account.



Call Logs


On this page you can click on Call Logs button


Once you click the Call Logs button it will show you the page where call logs for this particular number will be in detail



You can also click on Download CSV button to download your call log in CSV format



DID Test


How does DIDX Tester Works

Clicking on Test button will going to allow you to see whether this number is even coming on DIDx Network from Service provider or not



After clicking the Tester button following page will appear:



If the DID number is not coming to DIDx then the message would be DID:



Which means the number is not forwarded to DIDx Server from service Provider



View Test Logs


On the Test Result page you can click on View Test Logs button to see complete detail regarding how many times this number was tested, what was the time, it was passed or failed



Document Management


Document Management for Sellers

Document Management for Buyers


Bulk Routing Manager

Bulk Routing Manager tool will allow you to route DID numbers Purchased by you to any SIP or IAX address

The flexibility of this tool is that you can route 200 numbers to any particular sip or iax address in one go