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DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Numbers are basically local telephone numbers. These highly empowering numbers are being sold by telephone companies who are operators in their particular regions.

These DID numbers are purchased from carriers who have licensed by the local telecom authority within their country.

DIDs are bought by other carriers, VoIP companies, mobile operators and other communications service providers and then resold to their consumer and business customers. Those customers buy those DID phone numbers that are local to their VIP, the people whom they want to start receiving calls from.

Imagine the power of making it easy for your customers to receive calls from areas of the world that are important to them because of current or potential business, friendships, family members, research partners, and more. Service providers who buy the D I D phone numbers can resell to Universities, small, medium enterprises and more.

Every businessman and businesswoman would like to have local phone numbers for their customers to start calling into. For example, if you are based in China, and your customers are mainly in the US, then you would like to have US numbers for your US customers to call you with ease. Those US numbers will be redirected to your Chinese phone number.

It is exciting to realize the new revenue and customer retention available to CLECs and VoIP companies because of DID phone numbers sales and purchases. In fact, local governments can now realize this is one of the most important, new lucrative exports, the direct inward dialing phone number.

DIDX is the world’s marketplace that makes this a reality today.