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UK DID numbers beginning with 0500, 0800, 0808
In the UK, numbers starting "0500", "0800" or "0808" are free. The range 0808 1570xxx is set aside for fictitious uses in TV and radio.

Additionally, numbers in the range 0808 80xxxxx are reserved for not-for-profit helplines.

Since Orange SA UK introduced charges for dialling freephone numbers in December 2005, all British mobile networks now charge for calls to freephone numbers, with certain limited exemptions (notably Childline).
CallMe(0800) costs just £2 (plus VAT) per month, plus call charges. Each call is charged at 7.5p per Peak minute or 6.5p per off-peak minute. All calls are billed in seconds, not rounded up in minutes, with a minimum call charge of just 2p.

Peak (per min) 7.5p
Economy (per min) 6.5p
Minimum call charge 2p
Monthly rental £2
Calls charged per second

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