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Pay after 6 months!!! - 1000 USA Numbers for Just $500

DIDX wants to help your IP communications company jumpstart into success.

Buy now, pay ater...

Get 1000 USA numbers for just $500/month. You pay 6 months later. Let us help you promote your business and grow your business, and when you start to make money, you can pay us also.

Isnt that a great offer?

Login to your DIDX account. Create a ticket with "I want to order 1000 USA Numbers for $500 and I will pay after X Months." Fill in the X with a number 1-6 reflecting how many months later you will pay.

You can order 1000 to 50,000 numbers, with the same great bargain price and same credit limit.*

  • Credit department has to approve your company's credit line.

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