Get List of available DID countries which are SMS Enabled

This method returns the list of available DID’s country list by Vendor Rating in the form of an array. The user is required to give User ID, Password, and Vendor Ratings as arguments and he’ll get a list of available DID’s countries.

User can supply Vendor Rating range to get a list of available DID's countries by Vendor Rating. If there is no range is defined, then it will get a list of DID's countries with all vendor ratings.

Method Signature

getDIDCountrySMS ($UserID,$Password,$VRatingFrom,$VRatingTo)

Example Usage

We are providing a sample code in PHP & PERL that accesses and uses this service.

click here to .net example for this API?


require_once "nusoap.php";

$soapclient= new soapclient('');
$SoapResult = array();
$SoapResult = $soapclient->call("getDIDCountrySMS", $parameters,'urn:getDIDCountrySMS');


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