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DIDX has a system abuse department, which deals with cases where fraud and other abuses are suspected of any DIDX issued number. (DIDX ITSP buyer buys DID and resells to its customers. The end-user is the potential perpetrator.)

If you are a DIDX vendor (seller) and have received a subpoena or a police inquiry about any number, do the following.

1. Login to your DIDX account and go to the DIDINFO page of this DID number.

2. Click on REQUEST END USER INFO button.

3. It will ask you to upload the copy of the subpoena and any other information you may want to provide.

4. This automates a notice to our care team to make a request of the DIDX ITSP buyer to provide information from its end-user who is using that DID. We make the request via ticket, phone call, email and sometimes IM. We make attempt after attempt to get the information for you. We cannot assure when we will get the answer.

This information may include:
End user name.
Govt Issued id number and type
Govt Issued ID copy
Alternate Contact Phone Number:
Call Detail Records

If you need to contact our abuse department please email to

DIDX Buyers whose END USERS are suspect of fraud:
DIDX at any given time may require the DIDX Buyer Member to provide End User subscriber information to DIDX which may include some or all of the following: full name, goverment issued ID such as passport, contact phone number, email address within 24 - 48 hours.

This is to comply with government regulations in any given country of DID, i.e., 44 country code for UK in which law enforcement work to fight crime and abuse of DID by an end user.

DIDX may not be able to provide a subpoena or warrant from the official government organization (i.e., FBI or Attorney General). When End User subscriber information is not provided to DIDX upon request to DIDX Buyer, DIDX has the right to close the service and in some case, the entire DIDX Buyer account.

Please keep in mind that a majority of the use of DID, phone numbers, and telephony in general is legal, not criminal, and not abusive. A minority is the opposite. Just as the worst imaginable crimes are executed in the physical world, the worst are also committed online. But again, this is a minority.

Please help us by complying with requests and any special documentation regarding DID. See more information in the, step 5 in the seller or buyer agreements, and at
Documents Requirement

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