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DIDX is ready to empower you with the following:


Get an instant interconnect with 16500+ companies from 170 nations without having to complete an interop and agreement with each one of them, one at a time.

DIDX signs the agreement for you with each. You complete one agreement/interop with DIDX and purchase or sell numbers immediately.

DIDX Buyers:

DIDX makes available to you 17 million numbers on your website. After integrating with DIDX, you can show those 17 million numbers on your web site free of charge via API Software.

You immediately become an Internet telephone service provider with a database of 17 million phone numbers from 70+ countries around the world. DIDX transforms the codec for you, so you can get the call in any CODEC you want.

DIDX Sellers:

We will do the customer service and sales on your behalf.

You only need to concentrate on your DID service quality.

Via DIDX you can list your idle stock not currently sold as available for sale to 16,500+ websites.

No worries about chargebacks and merchant service problems. We guarantee your payment for DID that are sold and working.

Take advantage of our complimentary media and marketing tools to help the world know how great your company and its services are such as, the new DIDX iTunes channel and more. Contact to schedule your free publicity for active DIDX members only.

Last but not least, joining DIDX will make you a global player! Be sure to follow us on, join your compadres on!/group.php?gid=2386083700, and meet up at events that DIDX partners with at

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