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This web service can be used to apply documents for the numbers on which vendors have imposed restriction for identification documents of the users. Click here for further details

Method Signature

1. For Text Documents .

Method: TransferIDText($UserID,$Pass,$DIDNumber,$UserInfo,$ReturnURL)

2. For Image Document.

Method: TransferIDImage($UserID,$Pass,$DIDNumber,$UserInfo,$ImageFile,$ReturnURL)

$UserID – $Pass : DIDx User ID and Password
$DIDNumber: DID number which is being applied.

$UserInfo Array will contain the followin:

$UserInfo [0] = Customer Name
$UserInfo [1]~/np = Customer Address $UserInfo ~np~[2] = Contact Phone
$UserInfo [3] = Email
$UserInfo [4] = Document ID
$UserInfo [5] = Document Type *
$UserInfo [6] = Document Detail
$UserInfo [7] = User Data (50B)

  • Values from 1 to 8: (See API GetDIDInfo)

1 National Identity Card
2 Passport
3 Nation ID Card / Passport
4 Driving License
6 National Identity Card / Driving License
7 Passport / Driving License
8 Others

$ImageFile will contain base64 Image Data.

$ReturnURL: will contain the URL, on which the user will be notified.
Http posted variables

DID = DID Number
APTYPE = 1, 2 or 3
1=Documents Approved
2=Documents Refused
3=Documents Approved and Number allocated to DIDx account.
USERDATA = value which was passed in UserInfo? array on 7th location.

Example Usage

We are providing a sample code in PHP that accesses and uses this service.

Click here For PERL example to send image documents over API
Click here For .net example to send image documents over API

For Method TransferIDText

parameters=array($UserID,$Pass,$DIDNumber,$UserInfo,$URL );
$soapclient= new soapclient(‘’);
$SoapResult = array();
$SoapResult = $soapclient->call(“TransferIDText”, $parameters,’urn:TransferIDText);

For Method TransferIDImage

$parameters=array($UserID,$Pass,$DIDNumber,$UserInfoDID,$Base64FileData,$URL );
$soapclient= new soapclient(‘’);
$SoapResult = array();
$SoapResult = $soapclient->call(“TransferIDImage”, $parameters,’urn:TransferIDImage’);

The functions may return

-1 – Invalid User/Pass
-2 – InActive User
-3 – Invalid Account Type-8 – Document already applied for this DID
-9 – Document already approved for this DID
-5 – DID does not exist
-10 – DID Already Sold
-11 – DID is already reserved by another customer.
1 – Document submitted successfully