Knowladge Base

Question: What is DIDX?
Question: Do you have a DIDX Member Manual?
Question: How to get my Free DID Numbers for testing?
Question: Where can I find DIDx Training Videos?
Question: What is CNAM and how does it work?
Question: How to search and buy DIDs?
Question: Toll Free Number not working what do i do?
Question: How do I check the DIDX services?
Question: How do I make payment on DIDx?
Question: Can I port my did number to DIDX?
Question: What is LNP Local Number Portability or Number Portability?
Question: When will the Beta mode of DIDX end?
Question: How can I retain my Password?
Question: How much time will it take for my number to be active?
Question: What is the procedure for DIDX members to receive customer support?
Question: Do we offer callback Service on DID numbers?
Question: I want to buy DID but I am told my account is pending approval?
Question: I want list and rate of available countries providing did numbers?
Question: Can buying agreements be made on laws governed by countries other than USA?
Question: Does DIDx offer toll free USA UK AND CANADA numbers?
Question: Do I get free numbers if I buy did from special offer?
Question: How to check the number of channels that are available on the DID purchased?
Question: How to activate account?
Question: How to upload documents?
Question: Does DIDx provide E911 Service?
Question: How to refer a friend?

Billing FAQ

Question: Is there any membership fee?
Question: How can you View your Payments Record?
Question: How Does DIDX Billing Works?
Question: How does DIDX make money?
Question: How to check your bill or invoice and how didx billing works?
Question: I want to cancel my previous number and want to buy new one will I be charged for the new number?
Question: How to add a new Credit card


Support FAQ

Question: what is nusoap.php how can it be integrated with DIDX?
Question: What is Soap API does DIDX offer this service?
Question: While implementing API I encounter error on clicking my intended city or country.How can I resolve this problem?
Question: What are the DIDX IP Address?
Question: How Much Integration can you do with DIDX on your web site or software?
Question: How do I make my DID ring to Gizmo Project?
Question: How do I make my DID ring to Free World Dialup?
Question: What to check if I can not receive the calls?
Question: How to Forward DIDx DID numbers to a Toll Free Number?
Question: How to Test a Number Manually?
Question: How to map multiple sip ports on one asterisk server?
Question: How to test DIDs?
Question: How does DIDX Tester Works?
Question: Whats the reason DID failed or did not pass the test?
Question: Does your API pulls out numbers from my purchased numbers even if I buy lot of numbers from special offers?
Question: Why my did not working or its dead?
Question: Can we have more than one asterisk server?
Question: How can I configure my DIDs?
Question: What is bulk DID buying tool and how long it takes numbers to be allocated to the customer?
Question: How to check a number if its working or not?
Question: How to check the status of your desired number LNP?
Question: How to download csv statement?
Question: Why account is put on suspension?


FAQ:For Buyers

Question: Are there special government requirements from any countries whose DIDs are sold on DIDXchange?
Question: What if I cannot pre-pay with credit card?
Question: What is the IP Address you send us the calls from?
Question: What is the minimum number of DID I should buy to avoid a monthly fee?
Question: What is the minimum quantity monthly purchase required of a DIDX buyer?
Question: Do I have to pay commission in addition to the price per DID on DIDX?
Question: I am a member of and want to buy a DID I see on DIDX but it is not on Virtual Phone Line?
Question: When I call the number that you have given me I get a recording The number is no longer in service. Same time it shows in my account?
Question: I think that the number does not work at all?
Question: The monthly payment cycle is based on calendar month or from the date a DID is purchased?
Question: Why do I see 2 DIDs in purchased section I did not buy anything yet?
Question: Can I check the DID before I buy it?
Question: Can I resell the DIDs I buy from DIDX?
Question: Can we setup our own prices?
Question: How many mins per month are included in the pricing of a DID on DIDX?
Question: What is the DID rating?
Question: What is the Vendor Rating?
Question: How can I be assured of superb quality when I click BUY DID in my search for DID to buy?
Question: What if my DID is not working. How can I get refund?
Question: What does congestion means?
Question: How do I configure my Asterisk to accept calls from DIDX?
Question: What is the purpose of Request DIDs feature?
Question: Can I use the DIDs from DIDX for my Calling Card Service?
Question: Do your DIDs display Caller ID?
Question: I get one way audio. I believe my Asterisk is fine. How do I check if the DID is bad ?
Question: What is the cost for LNP in
Question: Is there any condition before porting a number on DIDx?
Question: Do I own the number I buy via DIDX?
Question: How long will it take to port a DID to a new carrier?
Question: How long will it take to provision numbers within the DIDX database in the BUY DID section of my account?
Question: How long will it take to provision numbers purchased by me from the
Question: How do I delete numbers I buy on DIDX and stop DIDX membership?
Question: In what increment does DIDX round minutes?
Question: What if I cannot purchase 50 DIDs to in the beginning ?
Question: What is FCC 499 Filer ID requirement for companies buying DID from DIDx?
Question: What is the minimum number of DID I should buy to avoid a monthly fee?


FAQ:For Sellers

Question: How do we qualify to sell DIDs on DIDX?
Question: When do I get paid?
Question: How do I get paid?
Question: Can I send my small customers to DIDX?
Question: Do I have to route the DID to DIDX before you sell it?
Question: Who collects payments from DIDX customers?
Question: Who provides customer service?
Question: What address or IP do I forward numbers to?
Question: How do I add the DIDs I have for sale on DIDX?
Question: I added the number When I call to check I get Not Authorized Message or 404 not found and I hear a recording saying number is out of service What is wrong?
Question: What price should we sell the DID on the DIDX?
Question: What is the DID Rating?
Question: What does the seller have to pay to list numbers on DIDX?
Question: What is the Vendor Rating?
Question: Do you offer any API service for integration of DIDX in my own software ?
Question: How do we improve our vendor rating?
Question: What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from DIDX?
Question: In what increment does DIDX round minutes?
Question: How do I know when my DIDs are sold?
Question: How Vendor can retrieve money via paypal automatically?
Question: How seller can delete a number from his account?
Question: How can we sell Toll Free numbers on DIDx?



Question: What is the rate for Premium Membership?
Question: What is the quality of service for the did’s provided?
Question: I do not want to buy nor sell I just want to exchange numbers with the exchange How do I do that?
Question: I am a buyer and I want to offer my DIDs on platform?
Question: How to request a customized number?
Question: Requesting deleted number back to account?
Question: How to get back deleted free numbers back into account?
Question: I am using IPSMARX solution and I want to use DIDX for DID purchasing?
Question: What should I do in case of Fraud and Abuse?