Knowladge Base

Known Errors

Network Problems at Providers’ End

Pakistani Numbers from Telecard:

  • Pakistani Numbers from Telecard Vendor ID 700734 and 704593 are not working from all networks.
  • Some of the numbers provided to DIDX have problems with connection between Telecard and certain other networks.
  • Rest of their series is working fine.

Philippines Numbers From Vendor 701904:

  • Philippines Numbers from Vendor ID 701904 have limited interconnect problems among many other providers, but have been tested and work fine from Provider Name: Globe Mobile Network.

Guatemala numbers from Vendor 705198:

  • No Interconnection and cannot be dialed from Guatel, Telefonos del Norte, BNA, ATEL, Claro and Movistar

South Africa 

  • The majority of South African numbers have 7 digits but one of the newer series recently issued by South African Telecom authority ‘which consist of 8 digits. These are available on DIDX.


  • TELKOM will enable 8-digit numbers soon. For now, many operators are unable to route them because of incorrect number length calculation. Most VoIP operators are OK with South Africa 8 digit local numbers. This is the issue with all 8-digit DIDs.


  • Jamaica

Jamaican numbers offered by Provider 708719 have Interconnection issues

  • Turkey Vendor 708839

Please be advise these numbers can not be used for call centre solutions.