Knowladge Base


Example Usage

We are providing a sample code in PHP that accesses and uses this service.


require_once “nusoap.php”;

$soapclient= new soapclient(‘’);
$SoapResult = array();
$SoapResult = $soapclient->call(“getDIDCountry”, $parameters,’urn:getDIDCountry’);


The first two arguments passed to the method are user ID and password. The third argument represents the starting Rating and the fifth represents the ending Rating. In this case, we’ve provided ratings from 1 to Vendor Rating 6. This will return the list of all available DIDs’ country originations.

Fields Returned:

Error Codes

In case of any incorrect information provided by the user or in case of no matching data, an error code will be returned. Error codes correspond to the following messages:

-1 = User ID does not exist
-2 = Your Password is Incorrect
-3 = There are no rated DIDs’ country avaiable in our record.