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Sellers API


This method allow seller to offer DID to sale over


Method Signature






Example Code:




require_once "nusoap.php";







$soapclient= new soapclient('');


$SoapResult = array();


$SoapResult = $soapclient->call("OfferDIDToSale", $parameters,'urn:OfferDIDToSale');





For $Codec,$AllowForCallingCard and $NetworkOrReseller, allowed values are “0” (NO) or “1” (YES)


On successfull command, the function will return “1”.






-1 : Invalid login info.


-9 : Invalid US number


-30: Invalid account type


-10: Number already exist in the system


-11: Invalid area or country code


-12: Invalid area or country code


-13: one of the arguments sent as blank


-14: Restricted area codes


-15: Invalid billing values