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Our FREE API allows you to enlist your inventory on the DIDX system, in a jiffy. Add or delete them from the DIDX system, as you sell them directly from your own system

1 Get List of Available DIDS

2 Purchase a DID

How many DIDs you can get

Are the returned prices in cents per minute

Sample Codes:

PHP Sample Code

dotNet Sample Codes

Dependencies: PHP
All the php examples on these pages, are using “nusoap.php” library. More Details on nusoap.php
For PHP version 5 and above, a class file “soapclient” in “nusoap.php” needed to be renamed as it may conflict with a default class in PHP. Otherwise, it may not work well.

1. API for getting available countries is now available as WSDL Web Service.
2. API for getting available areas is now available as WSDL Web Service.

note: it’s better to use the native PHP SOAP Support for WSDL APIs and “nusoap.php” library for NON-WSDL APIs.